America’s Most Hilarious Teacher





The Comedian

mike-riveraWith nearly three decades on stage, Mike Rivera has established himself as a premier comedy attraction and consistent crowd-pleaser from coast to coast. Class is in session when this longtime teacher takes the stage, with his trademark “teachable moments” keeping the audience laughing night after night. The quick-witted comedian tears through a fast-paced set that highlights his likable stage persona and clever writing style. It’s no wonder that ABC’s The View named him “America’s Most Hilarious Teacher” in a nationally-televised comedy competition.


The Teacher

America's Most Hilarious TeacherWhether he’s delivering a lesson to engaged students or taking them on a trip overseas, Rivera connects with his students the way a comedian connects with his audience– because he is a comedian, and he considers his kids to be the most important audience he faces.

“Comedy is about finding common ground and reaching the audience in a personal and meaningful way,” Rivera said. “Teaching is no different, except the rewards continue long after the laughter stops.”

The Author

Mike now has a book out and it’s available on Amazon! How great is that? Check it out now!from-stand-up-comedian-to-stand-up-teacher

From Stand-Up Comedian to Stand-Up Teacher

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